Section 1. Customer Support, Placement, Application and Induction Process 

If your application is rejected, you will be presented with 2 options:

1.Receive a refund of your £20 application fee 

2.Resubmit your application

We will always aim to place you on your top placement location choice. However, we reserve the right to place you on a placement location of the same party and duration as your application preference. 

Yes you can, but please note that all programme fees are non-refundable. At the discretion of the management, you may be able to defer your trip and receive a trip credit of your paid fee. 

Politrip guarantees to cancel any placement which cannot go ahead due to circumstances outside our control no later than 1-week before it is due to start. In that eventuality, each participant would be presented a series of options on how they wish to move forward including receiving a full refund within 12 months. 

We have a full complaints policy which is accessible to programme participants. However, a participant can only make a formal complaint once the placement has started and is unable to be made during the application or induction process. 

We ask all participants to pay the £10 application fee to make sure that they are serious with their application. Please note that unless the application is rejected, the application fee is non-refundable. 

Once a participant has been accepted onto to the programme, they will be asked to pay a £200 deposit with 7 working days of being accepted onto the programme. After the deposit has been paid, the participant will be sent a direct debit to pay the rest of their trip fee, which can be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or bi-monthly. Alternatively, a participant is available to pay the programme fee in full at any time. 

Yes, for any participant who chooses to take part on a second programme, they will receive a 20% on the cost of the second placement. If a participant chooses to take part on a 3rd placement, they will receive a 50% discount on the third placement cost. 

Politrip has a full induction process which includes: 

1. A induction zoom call with the Volunteer USA Team within 2 weeks of being accepted on the programme 

2. Full online training delivered through an online training course 

3. Pre-start date meet up with your fellow ‘Campaign Fellows’ 

4. Location guides 

5. ESTA application completed by Volunteer USA Team 

If a participant comes from a non-ESTA eligible country they may still be able to join the placement. However, they will have to take care of their own visa, and if their visa is rejected their programme fee is non-refundable. 

Section 2: Trip Logistics

Your role as a Campaign Fellow will be based around connecting with voters, and you should be expecting to do the following:


Phone and Text Banking

Staffing Events and Rallies

Helping campaign staff plan events and meet-ups

Much much more!,

Essentially no two days will be the same, so make sure you are open to trying new things! 

For the duration of your placement, there will be a car for everyone in your group to get you to the places you need to be. The driver will either be a member of the Politrip staff, or a volunteer driver from your team. Politrip will also provide you with the airport transfers at the beginning and end of your placement. 

At each placement location there will be a team of between 4 – 10 programme participants. At locations where there are larger numbers of participants, they will be split into smaller teams so that it is easier providing transport for everyone. 

You will be either staying in the home of a local campaign supporter, or in a short-term rental property. You should expect the quality of the accommodation to be similar to that of an Airbnb, and as part of the induction process there will be an Accommodation Preference Form for participants to complete so that we can arrange the appropriate accommodation. 

Yes! For each trip there will be a dedicated Placement Coordinator who will be there to support you 24/7. Their role will be to make sure the programme is running smoothly, and to make sure everyone on the placement is happy, and that the campaigns are happy as well. 

No, participants on a placement will be expected to campaign around 35 hours a week over the course of 5 days a week. You should expect to be campaigning on a Saturday daytime as that is a great time to connect with voters, and most days off will probably be Sunday and Monday. 

On most days off we will arrange cultural, social, and networking events for participants including a sporting event at each location for example watching a Baseball match. However, it is completely up to you to choose what you would like to do. We have designed the placements so that if needs be participants still have time to get some work or studying done! 

Section 3. Post Placement 

Yes, we recommend that either before or after a participant’s placement that they spend some time travelling and exploring the US, and the Politrip Team is happy to provide any advice. Remember though, that on an ESTA, you can only stay in the US for a maximum of 90 days per trip. 

Once a placement is finished and every participant is home, they will be invited to a career development workshop which will be delivered online. At the workshop, participants will be given advice on how to talk about their time in the US on the CV, and how to use their experience in an interview environment. Every participant will also receive a formal reference and letter of recommendation once their programme is over, along with a certificate and an exclusive Volunteer USA gift. 

We hope you have found our FAQs helpful, and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you would like to read our full T&Cs, they are available upon request. Please email for more information.