Politrip Training & Support

We offer a comprehensive training and support programme prior to departure, to ensure you hit the ground running once you've arrived at your destination. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with local politics and campaign techniques

Local Politics

We make sure all our applicants are trained in the local political context so they feel confident on arrival. We teach you about your candidates, their platform issues, key local issues in your area, state/county demographics, past election results and how your race relates to the bigger picture within the national political context.

Campaigning Methods

We will coach you through some of the main election campaigning methods. Our Politrip management team has over a decade of experience working on election campaigns. We make it our mission to teach you some of the main campaigning methods for your destination. You will be trained in phone banking, canvassing and acting as a representative for a major political party.

Induction Pack

We will send you an induction pack. This Pack contains the information on where you will be staying, your candidate(s), who you will be working with, more detail on the political tasks you'll be working on, local sights, attractions, transport options, restaurants and bars, and general information to help you make the most from your Politrip.

What Support Will I Receive?

Team Leader

Each group will have a full time paid team leader with you for the duration of your trip. This person will arrange your daily volunteering activities, drive your team around, organise social activities and be on hand for support for emergencies.

Politrip Management

Additionally Politrip management will be in your destination country during each Politrip and always just a phone call or email away. We are happy to provide any additional support or advice that you might need on your adventure.

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Where Will I Stay?

Whom You Are Staying With

The vast majority of politrippers will be placed with local party members or supporters, based on your accommodation preferences. Staying with local hosts who are active volunteers gives you the opportunity to learn from them and gain a deeper understanding about the local issues you are campaigning for.

Where You are Staying

You might be staying in a guest house, spare room or sharing a room with other volunteers, all based on your accommodation preferences which we’ll ask you for before you travel. In some cases you may have to share a room with other volunteers, however we will always make you aware of this before arrival. Either way, we guarantee that you will have an authentic experience, embedding you right in the heart of the community where you will be campaigning.

Meeting Your Hosts

You will always get a chance to meet your hosts prior to departure via email, phone or video chat. We aim to make these introductions as soon as possible, however final accommodation details may not be available until 1-2 weeks before your trip.

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When Can I Travel?

Politrip is about adventure and exploring new places just as much as working on international political campaigns. We actively encourage all our volunteers to travel around their destination country after placement.

Travel after your Placement

End your placement with a bang. We highly recommend post placement travel, whether you would like to travel alone or with other Politrippers. Experience fun, make new friends, learn about local culture and try new food.

Explore on your days off

We encourage all participants to take their evenings off to explore local areas. In your induction pack, you will receive a list of local attractions, restaurants and cultural activities.


We do not cover the flights in the programme so you have more flexibility with your trip. This allows you to make your own plans after your placement. Whilst flights are not included, we have chosen locations based on their affordability and proximity to major transport hubs