What is the Politrip Bursary?

The Politrip bursary fund has been established to widen access to the programme for those from a low-income background or who otherwise lack the means to self-fund their Politrip. Successful applicants will be offered either an entirely free Politrip or a 50% reduction in the price of your chosen trip. To apply you must meet one or more of the criteria below and complete a separate application on why you feel you’d be a good candidate for the bursary programme.

What is the Bursary Criteria?

This list applies primarily to applicants from the UK only. If you are applying from outside the UK and meet similar criteria within your country, such as a Pell Grant in the USA, you can still apply. This is a means tested scheme and if you qualify for with the free waiver or full bursary you may be required to supply proof of any of the above.

Received EMA or Bursary

Received EMA ( NI, Scotland and Wales) or 16 to 19 bursary fund (England)

Benefits as Income

You or your household primary income is some form of benefit (universal credit, PIP, ESA, JSA etc.)

School Meals

You recieved free school meals during your education

Low Area Postcode

You currently live in, or grew up in (lived there when you were under 18 for at least 10 years), a postcode in the bottom 10% most deprived areas in the UK (there are separate statistics for England, Scotland, Wales and NI

Maintenance Grant

You received or are currently receiving a maintenance grant at university.

How to apply

Applications can be requested by emailing ‘hello@politrip.org’ with subject line ‘Politrip Bursary’. You must still apply for your Politrip of choice through the website, but if you also apply for the bursary and are unsuccessful, your £20 application fee will be refunded. Bursaries will be awarded in tranches dependent on the number of regular places granted. We expect this to be around 5-10% of regular places each year, half of which will receive the full bursary and half will receive the fee-waiver bursary.