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Who Are Politrip?

At Politrip we welcome each applicant into our ever growing Politrip family. We provide you an unforgettable and immersive international volunteer placement on a political campaign of your choosing. This allows you, as a Politripper, to expand your knowledge and gain vital experience that will help you achieve your dreams while working abroad.

Politrip's Vision

Our long term vision is to become the number one facilitator of political travel trips. We want to give individuals everywhere the opportunity to make an impact in local communities through international grassroots political campaigning.

Why Was Politrip Created?

There were 3 main factors that inspired the creation of Politrip, the world's first political travel company:


A passion for political campaigns and making a difference through grassroots deomocratic action.


A commitment to engaging and educating young people in politics


A love of traveling, meeting new people and gaining new experiences.

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Eligibility Criteria For Politrip

To apply to become a Politripper you must meet the following eligibility criteria.


You must be 18 or over to take part in the Politrip experience. You can apply when you are 17 but you must be 18 when your placement begins.


You must be able to speak fluent English to fully understand local issues and work together with your campaign team.

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You must meet the requirements for a tourist visa, esta or visa entry in your destination country


You must be able to cover the cost of your trip.

What We are Looking For in A Politripper

As well as this basic eligibility criteria, successful Politrippers should be able to meet the following essential criteria.

Interest in Politics

Have a basic understanding of and strong interest in politics.

Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.

Interpersonal Skills

Excellent interpersonal skills.

Teamwork Skills

Comfortable working in a team.


Trustworthy and reliable

Self Motivated

Self starter and self motivated but also able to follow directions

Meet The Politrip Team

Politrips management team have over a decade of combined experience working on political campaigns. They are here you help you on your Politrip adventure.

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